Fall came Early!

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We all love the Fall colors, many places have many beauty of Fall. Well this year our leaves change colors earlier than expected . . .

There is one tree I always fall in love with, WHY because when it changes its color it goes bright red like fire-red, however I didn’t take it right away but you’ll still see the extremely color.

And since you all know him as the Header of my photography blog “Buddy” he makes another feature on this blog . . .

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Aspiring artists

So this past week, in my hometown we had chalk fest! I love chalk fest, although this is the second year in a row where the artists had to deal with rain while creating their art pieces. BUT! the rain was short and light ūüôā

So I’m going to choose some of my top picks of these art works that I taken photos of ūüôā

I thought overall these made my top picks, The Mad Hatter was the first thing I saw that was about 50 percent done until the finished product, we have a glimpse of the mummy theme, we have the Hunger Games and Brave drawing with it being a popular movies to see someone combine the two, USA freedom was simple and the allons-y dude was pretty well done. The lion was extremely detailed by the mane and the face features (this is my top 3) The new york setting was so realistic that the drawing can draw you in, and the Mom and pup wolves were by far my favorite.

Top 3

Mom and Pup Wolves

The lioness

New York Setting

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Happy 4th of July

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Droplets Lilies

This was my time to take pictures and capture the droplets on the lilies, I succeed on some part.  But the more I use my camera, the more I learn about it and what I could do.

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Chicago Times

Before stopping crossing into Illinois, I stop at the Cave of the Mounds which was beautiful . . .¬† So here’s a few pictures that I liked

Now for the central of Chicago . . . I love the architect of the buildings downtown.


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World of Lilacs

I used to love the color purple, not that it isn’t part of my palette color because I do sometimes wear purple.¬† My yard has plenty of Lilacs bushes and this year because of our strange warm winter, minimal snow and hot and cold weeks. We got oversize Lilacs than ever before. Now some are passing because of the weather but if there are more . . . I’ll take some more pictures.



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Nature’s Beauty

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St. Louis Times

St. Louis Times

St. Louis Arch driving into St. LouisIt’s pretty tall

St. Louis Captiol buildingFerry Cruise

Sideway ArchLaid down on the cemet to take this photo

Cardinals Stadium3D effect of the Capitol building, Taken in the arch

The arch is 630 ft (192 m)!

By khn21


Everybody is self-conscious about something about themselves, the trick is to not let it overrule you as a person

Not everyone is perfect, there is no way you can be perfect unless you were genetically altered to be the perfect human.

So what can you do?

You can look at yourself in the mirror and say this is your outer beauty, you can feel extraordinary inside and outside.

You hear the term “Don’t judge a book by its cover” that is what people do because they don’t know the real you¬†or what your story is

With my lifestyle, my cover is not beautifies but I know what beauty is to me as a person

Now I won’t say what I’m self-conscious about myself but I know with a little work the cover can look¬†modifies. Books comes with different covers every day as well international covers, but if you look closely there is only a few modifications that are made to the international covers.

Which can happen to you, if you know that you can make modifications without changing drastic of your cover.  .

Don’t let people say otherwise, because they’re probably dealing with something that they can’t seem to accept because it is something they are self-conscious about.

You are Beautiful, you are Strong, you are YOU

By khn21

What do I do?

You come to face a problem . . .

Here’s what you do, list out all the worst-case scenarios (please note I will use this example many times)

Yes you can have more than one because there is never JUST ONE but there may be only ONE solution

So How do I arrive at my Solution?

You have to figure out what would be the outcome of the worst-case scenarios and then replay those then think of the solution

Solutions can good or bad depending on what you figure out, but the one thing to keep in mind you can’t always get to the solution you want becuase then you would expect everything to be the way you WIsh it would be.

If you don’t arrive to the solution, you will not get out of the cycle of your problem.


By khn21